Mike Amy Dozer Jesus Blake JoeBob the Penguin (wademcbob75) wrote in lhsanime,
Mike Amy Dozer Jesus Blake JoeBob the Penguin

I'm communitizing.

Oh, heylo communitizers... I was wondering, what exactly does going to this convention entail? I need something to tell my dad.
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Well, there are a lot of hour-long panels in different rooms. Some are on things like Renaissance clothing, whereas some are book readings by authors. Usually they have a game room going with computer RPGs and stuff, they have Dungeon and Dragon RPG rooms, and a room where they display the art that they're going to auction.

You would be helping to maintain the room, and allowed to go around to different panels. We're planning on spending the weekend there, I think...

It's pretty fun, people dress up and stuff. Don't tell him all that though ^_~ Let him know about the book readings and edumacational films.