Mike Amy Dozer Jesus Blake JoeBob the Penguin (wademcbob75) wrote in lhsanime,
Mike Amy Dozer Jesus Blake JoeBob the Penguin

I'm campaigning.

Well, since not many people ever really have anything to say on this thing I don't know how well this will be heard. Jessica and I talked to a freshman that was thinking about joining anime club and she said it was boring. Honestly, she's right. Although I hold minimal interest in the club's main topic, it's not just that. The high point of the last meeting that I was at was watching Ben poke at some kind of toe fungus or sommat like that. I think that the "Anime Club" has become more of the "'Sit Around and Talk About Administrative Stuff That Has Nothing To Do With Anime' Club". So, I think that if we are going to retain any freshman we have to bring back the true spirit of Anime Club. Maybe, spend 10 minutes going over stuff, but in general watch and discuss anime. Sitting around talking about T-shirts is not what we really should be doing. Also, we really are a bit to formal. I mean, voting is a joke and the minutes are too. So I'm going to bring it up at the next meeting and if I get shot down and/or things stay the way they are, I'm going to find better things to do with my Friday afternoons.
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