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First off, I went to the meeting today. Three other members showed up. That's awright. At first I thought I was going to be the only member there for a while. I'm glad some of you were able to make it though. I thought I'd end up having to talk to myself, about the meeting. ;)

I need to tell everyone what we discussed. Well, right now we're trying to decide whether we want to stick with the school/not. They've been causing a lot/most of our problems.

1-They might not allow us to be going to InCon because the Vice Principal doesn't know if he finds it appropiate to go to/educational enough.

2-We're going to have to get ourselves a new advisor since my mom isn't a teacher. She doens't her her B.A., so they won't allow her be our advisor! (Oh *yay* Let's just screw the anime club over even more!) Anyways, if we WANT to stay with the school/ASB we have to find a new advisor who has a B.A. for teaching. We've been looking towards Mrs. Krupp, the librarian. We have to ask her and see if she has a B.A. and if she'd be willing enough to give up some of her time on Fridays. She seems to be supporting us so far and actually I think she has taken some college majors in the Arts. Maybe she's not the best/most likeable person at times. But if we want this group to carry on through the High School years. She'd be able to keep our videos/mangas in the library for us to be passed down to future members.

3-Funding right now is the pits. The ASB has us go through all these paper works. Which isn't terrible. But it is 'hell of' annoying. And then they have questions on this or that. If we were outside of school we wouldn't have to worry about paperwork for our funding/going through the ASB first. They're even possibly making us do the concession stand on the 10th, and we won't be getting paid for it. Sucky, I know.

4-They've stopped us from allowing my mom to drive home members.

5-They're saying/making all acedimc members pay a $25 fine for ASB cards, to be in any after school acedimc club.

6-Last but not least, they're going to stop us from going to the Sci-Fi convention in Seattle next year. Which would be a major thing for the club right now.

Another thing I have to bring up. My mom talked to Mr. Oliver who is the Vice Principal, and he said that Ben cannot be a member in our club. He doesn't have an ASB card, and he's not apart of our school. (no shit Sherlock) I think Ben could be a guest, but he'd have no say (I mean he would of course) but he wouldn't be able vote and some other things he'd have to be disallowed on to do, because of stupid school policy. So Ben, be thinking about whether you really want to be a member/if you'd rather a guest at every 'single' club meeting. "Ben's a stalker! Ben's a stalker!" hehe. Sorry, Fruits Basket popped into my head there. "Kyo's a stalker! Kyo's a stalker!" ^_^

Now the pluses to having club outside of school:

1-Ben could be a full pledged member (and that IS top priority of course)

2-We wouldn't have to worry about going through ASB with our funding.

3-We'd be able to go the Sci-Fi Convention/SakuraCon (Seattle Convention)

4-Not only would other members from High be able to join, but college students as well, and ASB officers/members would be able to stay in the club longer, even if they graduate from High School. (Oh joy for some of you, I know. Blake's dream of staying in the club forever is about to come true, heehee.)

5-We wouldn't have to worry about transportation, my mom would be able to take anyone of you home if need be.

The advisor and myself, have been thinking that. We know we wouldn't be able to get as much promotion with 'not being apart of the school', but we could always look to InCon and ask them to be our Umbrella. Haha. Sorry, what my mom likes to call them. They'd sort of be our Insurance safety, and helping us to promote ourselves. (Goodie something else for you guys to think about!)

Now, I think that's all I have to say (*random midget* thank god!) Wait, I'm not done yet! lol. I'm being a ferk. Okay, so we've decided to have a meeting Monday after school in the library. All of you will have to tell me how that'll work out for you. If too many of you can't come that day, we'll try to make it some other day next week. My mom feels that we need to have a meeting as soon as possible. She was trying to get me to have a meeting tommorrow, or Friday. But I won't go for that. Friday, people have things to do, because Homecoming will be the next day. You guys might need some time to get ready for that/just get some other things done that day. And Thursday, no. I don't want to drop any more meetings on you guys, like my mom had me do today. It's not fair and it doesn't give you guys a soon enough notice.

So, just remember meeting Monday after school. There's no meeting this Friday.
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