Fade_7 (fade_7) wrote in lhsanime,

Awright everyone

I just found out some things from my mom that might change your thoughts on whether we should stay with the school or not.

Well, okay...my mom can be advisor. She talked to the Vice Principal and he said it's okay for her to stay in as the clubs advisor. And the other thing was, is that my mom can drive people. I'm not sure about her being able to drive you guys home after a meeting. But she said she can drive you on club field trips. Which means she can take people to InCon. BUT, she needs permission slips from your parents. I'll give you guys the permission slips on Monday after school, so you can take them home and get them signed. Just bring them back to me before Friday next week.

Oh, and about the Vice Principal. I know some of you heard that he wasn't okay with us going to InCon, but my mom talked to him about it. He said he didn't hesitate at all about signing the paper for us to go. So, maybe Mr. St. Clair was the one who wasn't okay with us going. I remember him saying, "The Vice Principal raised an eyebrow towards this convention. He just put up a red flag." yatah, yatah. That kind of stuff. Apparently, I think Mr. St. Clair wasn't okay with it. But that's okay, just as long as the Vice Principal is. And...I guess you really didn't need to know that.
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