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I'm sorry everyone

Here's the...entire Constitution. I'm sure some of you were wondering why it was so short. ;) Heh.

Constution of the Anime Club Of Lakeside High School


We, the students,
for the promotion good government, good
sportsmanship, student activities, and the general
welfare of the students of Lakeside High School,
establish this Constitution of the Anime Club.

Article 1.

The name of the organization shall be
The Anime Club of Lakeside High School.

Article 2.

The purposes of this organization will be to:
1.) Create a better understanding of Japanese
culture and Japanese animation among

2.) To Achieve a higher learning of the arts;
to be more open-minded of other cultures,
and their ideas.

Article 3.

Membership in the Anime Club is established
Intially by contacting the advisor- Mrs. Connolly,
and following through by attending a first meeting.

Membership in the Anime Club is maintained by
attending meetings, and establishing good conduct
during the meeting.

Article 4.

The Duties of the Anime Club are as follows:
1.) To create a website of the anime club.
2.) To assist in awareness of foreign arts and
3.) To achieve a better understanding of the
Japanese culture.
4.) To organize meetings and a website.
5.) To attend meetings once a week.
6.) To support arts in the school.
7.) To raise funds for guest speakers, and guest
artists that the school could take advantage of.

This Constitution has been adopted on the 10th day of
January, 2003.

By: The Lakeside High School Anime Club
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