Mike Amy Dozer Jesus Blake JoeBob the Penguin (wademcbob75) wrote in lhsanime,
Mike Amy Dozer Jesus Blake JoeBob the Penguin

I'm talking like Mote!!

As you guys know, I'm kind of a company man, and if we need to can stay with the school we need to. If we leave the school we will have no fund raising capability at all ("We are nerds who want your money for nerdy things!"). I know that the school cause major hassles and it might not even be possible to do stay there but in the long run. I really don't know what to say about Ben, I guess we could smuggle him in an then cover him with a sheet if anyone walks in... However, I think I might be the only person backing the stay with school plan fully. The meeting on Monday...I won't be there. I think that if we leave the school there is no point in continuing to call ourselves a club. We will be just a bunch of friends who dig anime and get together and watch it. I can fully see why most of the club would want to leave. Having to pay for ASB card, paperwork, Mrs. Krupp (I don't think she would lift a finger if I was getting gore by a rhinoceros through my anus), and activity restrictions. By the way, we might want to talk to the InCon people about folding. The club is coming apart and I don't know if we are goinng to be able to stave of the bureaucracy until then. Unless, everyone that's doing panel is ready to maybe piss off the ASB. Well, I don't how many people will read this. People think I'm dead.
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