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We need fun days.

I'm thinking about some fun things to do in club. Some of these ideas may be Tiffany's, I'm just brainstorming.

Japanese/asian candy sampling day
Boo Radley's, Suncoast, the world market, and probably other places have lots of different types of candy, drinks, pocky for us to sample.
*Estimated cost: $40+
*Fun factor (out of ten): 8
*Chances of it happening: 1:30

Fan Fiction Contest and Reading
Write a fanfic from any anime series. Give the background info of the series (for those who haven't seen it). Then read to club. Club voting and prizes. Fanfics to go up on website.
*Estimated cost: less than $10
*Fun factor: 5
*Chances of it happening: 1:5

Fan Art Contest
Similar to fan fiction contest. Will end up taking less time though.
*Estimated cost: less than $10
*Fun factor: 4
*Chance of it happening: 1:10

Anime Club Valentine Card Fundraiser
Everyone in the club makes designs for the cards. The best 4-5 are chosen then their line art is used for different cards. Copies made with Japanese writing and a message on the inside. The entire club colors them. Sold at school.
*Estimated cost: $20-30, hopefully less if we make some money
*Fun factor: 6
*Chance of it happening: 1:15

Japanese Dinner
Either learn how to make Japanese food, or go to Japanese restaurant (Like Shogun).
*Estimated cost: $40-50, or about $10 per person
*Fun Factor: 9
*Chance of it happening: 1:15

Manga reading day
Instead of watching animes we hang out and read.
*Estimated cost: nothing, we all have mangas
*Fun factor: 3-9 depending on the manga^^
*Chance of it happening: 1:3

Anime Marathon
Hang out at someone's house, eat junkfood, watch an entire anime series.
*Estimated cost: $30 for pizza and pop
*Fun Factor: 8, though it could get tiresome
*Chance of it happening: 1:10

Go and watch The Last Samurai
Go to the movie theatre and watch this movie, which shows Japanese culture... yeah.
*Estimated cost: $8 per person
*Fun Factor: 8.5
*Chance of it happening: 1:7

There's probably more. Give me time.
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